Under the sky so Blue

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 22:45 -- Bking13

Constantly I strain my lungs calling your name
The hollowness of your soul is alarming,
But you continue on as if I’m no more than background noise.
Are you alone…or are you tired?

The absence of your answers has me on edge.
A mirror couldn’t reflected the pain your eyes hold,
Just smile…not for me or anyone else
But… for your dwindling sanity.
My wounds are cursed,
My heart has changed,
Yet it’s still incompatible with your own.

My words reach you like the pale broken wings
Of a bird caught in a terrible storm.
However difficult the task I’m still drawn
To turn my emotions into words,
No matter, how scary at least I can say,
Under the Sky so Blue,
That…I love you.

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