Under The Moonlight

Tue, 11/30/2021 - 04:46 -- Tiny

The skins glimmers and shines bright
Hair curls and bows down to the bright light
Eyes glow like they wanna roar
Ears grow to listen to the howling wolf
A cool breeze of thoughts gushes in my brain
Adrenaline spreads in my veins
A feeling of relief suspends my thoughts, elevates my soul and uplifts my heart
I've never felt like this before
It feels magnetic and its spreading deep inside my veins
All the negative energy that was a downwarding spiral is gone
I feel like speaking the truth i do not care if its vital
I just feel love for my enemies you can also check that on my virals
You can cancel me laugh at me call me out of my title but i won't show weakness
Coz this relief has got down on my knees, hand up and looking unto God
Is this real life or am i dreaming
Why are these times so misleading
I don't see God but believe Him
If you think i was in it for the fame, i don't need it so you can keep it
That's when i started to realise that under the moonlight is the place where my negative feelings get expreessed, healed and are gotten rid of

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