Under Construction

Under Construction…

This house of longing
This burning temple
bound by time

must be rebuilt.

Let Beauty spark the flame
Light begets light
breath of fire

the winds
incorporeal vapour


out of the luminous substance of the Mother.

dance me through the fire
sing me through the misty veil

How sweetly the words 


from the mouth


The Christ Self

Infinitesimal atom, inter-dimensional

Portal of light and sound

Bearing witness to the
wisdom of the unseen way.

In this Ineffable expanse of emptiness
There is room for everything

yet no trail
tracks the way of light.

Leaning in
closer to the wind
I hear you
Sunlight dances kissing my eyes
I feel you
Gazing up at the sky

I see you.

This poem is about: 
Our world



nice poem ........ inspiring


AW Thank you Jackline-:)

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