Undeniable Deceit


I frown... you smile,

I cry... you laugh

This is getting old

it needs to stop

Why does my pain provide you with the happiness that I deserve?

When you're down, I put myself in your shoes

I feel the pain you feel,

Your face drenched with tears, 

Your heart filled with fears

I lay your head on my shoulder letting you know that I will always

be here

Well, I'm the one crying now,

Tears filled with mascara running down my cheeks as if

My brown eyes are chasing them off my face,

Where are you?

Not here. Not anywhere, to be found

To remember the words I used to console you - my heart breaks.

You're probably with him right now

Sharing a moment of fake banter & laughter when nothing's even funny

Behind those pretty almond-shaped eyes of yours... are anger and hatred,

It's all towards him, but onto me it rears its hideous green-eyed face

It's impressive how many faces you possess

When you're with him your eyes gleam with counterfeit happiness

but when I see you, I see those brown eyes transform to black and blue

Fingerprints on your neck as evidence of abuse

Yet you continued to say that's it's okay and you have love for him anyway.

When this dilemma first began you didn't want my help

but it's becoming worse 

and you're growing more and more desperate

But my dear, I am DONE 

So go ahead

Cry me a river

I'll take on the voyage and sail through the tears ,

or trek around it even if my destination is 100 miles away.

What? Do my harsh words bring tears to your eyes?

Cry me a river 

Why should I care?

You never did. 


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