Unconventional beauty in a world of supermodels


It took eighteen years to realize I didn't need anyone's approval 
That my appearance had nothing to do with my personality 
That I didn't need to edit my photos because I am perfectly fine with the way I've grown 
My heart doesn't depend on how many likes I get 
And my soul doesn't strive to outdo anyone else 
See my face was made from heartache 
Each line a form of destruction 
It took years to carve this memory 
Each scar a story 
A time for which I was vulnerable
My dimples are my own deformity
And I will never edit out my features 
Because a filter will never show how bright my smile is 
How my eyes are the perfect mix of blue and gray 
How I look when I read my favorite book 
Or drink my morning cup of coffee 
A filter will never show my true identity 
I do not have perfect skin or perfect teeth or the perfect body 
But I am perfect 
I was sculpted from oppression 
I am a woman 
I am expected to have all the features men adore 
Kind eyes
Big butt 
long legs 
I should look nice 
I should look like I care about what others think 
But I don't 
The pictures I share with the world are my life story 
They're the moments I feel are worth sharing 
I don't have to have anyone's approval for living 
So when I add a picture I do not want your comments on how I haven't brushed my hair or how I don't look good 
Just because I use a filter does not mean I am uncomfortable with the way I look 
I use a filter so I can compliment my features 
The features I've grown to love 
And I do to expect anyone else to see how truly great they are, but I'll try to show you the exact moment I thought were worth living 
So I refuse to hide behind the societal view of what I should look like 
Because I am unconventional beauty and I am fine with that 
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