Uncharted Waters

Faint streaks of light seep between the cracks
Only to dissipate and fade
Into the bleak water
That etches every nook and every fray
Of my run-down body
Left defeated and in vain


Darkness envelops
Every inch of my being
For what seems like forever
Never fleeting, never leaving


Fear consumes and devours
Everything that it can find
Reaching the farthest places
Every groove and crevice of my mind

What is this looming darkness?
That sinks into my bones
What is this unrestrained fear?
That rives my soul

It is not the fear of drowning
It’s the indefinite depth
Of wavering unpredictability
And it’s infinite breadth

It is not the fear of falling
It’s where the fall will take
Take me to a place of uncertainty
Take me to a place of pain

It is not the fear of jumping
It’s what happens after the leap of faith

It is not the fear of speaking
Rather what is left unsaid
The deafening silence
Of every word tied to my tongue by a thread

It is not the fear of doing
Rather what’s left undone
Due to quiescent competency   
Power left unsung

It is not the fear of being  
It’s what remains
The fragments of my existence at the hands of others
In their intangible thoughts and puzzling chains
It is the fear of not knowing
The fear of uncharted waters rising to the brim
But wouldn't I be left in the unknown
If I didn't dive in?


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