I knew going in

the year would change me

no more artificial skin

but in the end I would blossom like a tree


but to change and to grow

to flourish, bloom, prosper, and thrive,

I had to do more than put on a show

I had to work, to die, to starve, to cry


what’s strange is no one tells you

what’s goes into it, how to evolve

all the things you must go through 

your happiness being absolved


the dark places in your mind

you must now face and conquer

the feeling of falling behind

the strength you need to not turn into a monster


a year of growth is rough

your heart breaks, your soul screams,

your mind will yell enough 

the only light may come from your dreams


it’s not the news, the hate

the racism or election

it’s the desire of your fate 

the person you want to see when you look at your reflection


there will be no where to hide

and no one to talk to 

you will sit in your head along for the ride

silently screaming awaiting your breakthrough


there will come a day 

you didn’t think would come 

a slight glimmer of sun rays

like God gave you a bread crumb


on that barren tree, there will be a single flower

it will be unbelievable 

and you realize you have the power

the fact you never truly broke will be unconceivable 


but those dark storms will clear

those flowers will continue to blossom 

and you can look back on the year

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and realize you are your own batman and you saved gotham 

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