Unbreakable Woman Words help

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 19:22 -- dorsey

Unbreakable Woman


Words help make me, they do not shake me.


Challenges come to me, but they do not defeat me.


Pain enters my life, but it does not rule my life.


Rain does not flood my soul, but helps it grow.


Fertilizer does not make me smell, but helps me to stay renewed.


Light does not blind me, but helps me to shine.


Storms may come in my life, but they help me to see the light.


Negative things may come into my life, but I turn them into positives.


Glass may cut me, but I heal my own wound.


Tornados enter my life, but I rebuild my life.


People may hurt me, but God will never desert me.


To be heard as an unbreakable woman.


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