A Unborn Child



seventeen years old with ambitious 

but my clear vision began to not be so vivid

I listened to a boy that fed me lies

those words were soon  my alibys

I forced myself to think he loved me

in reality, he thought nothing of me

how irrational could I be 

to believe his stories wern't a dream

how could I be so relentless to my heart

the pressures of my circumstances soon 

fell apart

crying on my bathroom floor

and stomach filled with pain 

oh pain 

please make this pain go away

but it didn't

and soon he became distance

right after I told him about the little situation 

that was on its little mission 

I was left to handle my descisons

that wern't really my descisions

Dear unborn child 


Mommy loves you 

and always shine with glisten 

This is my story

of my unconsious descions 




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