From an Unborn Child

Mother, why did you to take my life away?

Why couldn’t I be allowed to live?

Why must I never see the world?

Was a grave all that you could give?


To live my life like you live yours,

Was the only thing I wished to do;

A place in your heart and life Mother,

Was all I asked of you.


But no, you did not want me,

So you ended my life before it began.

Mother, why couldn't you let me live?

I ask you this question again.


My heart that wanted to love you,

Was made to silence its beating.

The day I longed for never came-

The day when we’d at last be meeting.


I wanted to fill your days with light;

I just wanted to be your child;

To bring you joy only babies bring,

And to brighten your life with my smile.


I wanted to call you "Mommy";

And holding your hand, learn to walk.

My voice wanted to say "I love you,”

As soon as I’d be able to talk.


My eyes wanted your face to see;

To hug you wanted my lifeless arms.

To your heart I yearned to be held close

Where I'd feel sheltered from all harm.


My hands that wanted to help you,

As soon as they knew how…

My lips that wanted to kiss you good night

Are forever cold and silent now.


Never will I hear your voice,

Or see the birds or stars in the sky.

For to life, the world, and to you, Mother,

I've been made to say good-bye.


Now only one thing of you I ask:

If once more with child you should be,

Deprive not my brother or sister of life,

As you have done with me.


Let them live and grow beside you,

May they enjoy what I could not;

And though you never think of me,

To this unborn child you’re not forgot.


I love you 'though I’ve never seen you.

And although you do not care or know,

I've already forgiven you, Mother,

For not letting me live and grow.


Silence and darkness envelop me;

It’s cold and lonely in this place.

If I, only for a moment,

Could catch a glimpse of your dear face!...



beautiful poem. 

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