Artemis, that huntress lass,

Has perfect aim and near perfect class.

Through every age, each mark's on point,

Her arrows sliced each limb and joint.


In modern day, is that the same...

How's her aim on a video game?

To the cheap arcades we did go,

Tossed in my coins, I had to know 


I showed her how to start and play.

"I can do this" she did say.

She prepped herself in archer's stance,

The screen then put her in a trance.


As we played again, again, and again,

She scored zero and I scored ten.

"What is wrong?" Her voice did choke

It was then I realized, hers was broke.


I quickly switched, "let's try once more."

Of course, she got the new high score.

Lights ablazed and bells did ring, 

That day I learned an important thing.


If ever you wish to beat Apollo's twin,

Giver her the broken gun and you will win.

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