The unbearable heartbreak

See, just day before yesterday

We were in love

He'd smile when he saw me

Hold me close

Too scared to drop me

See, that's how it used to be

Still my best friend

My number one shoulder

But for now I can't breathe without him

He was the air in my lungs

The song in my voice

The Sparks in my eyes

The hand I held

Now he's nothing more than my friend

And if only that would change

I saw us walking down the isle

My smile

Just as wide as his, and I stop for a moment to think

What do you know

His voice as soft as snow

Holding me in this pale moonlight

Dancing away the fright

I saw him holding my hand waiting for results

I saw him crying when the test said positive

I saw him smiling as he holds our little girl for the first time

I saw him growing old with me

I saw things no one else seemed to see

I fell in love

And I'm sorry that I love him

And he doesn't feel the same

I stand in the rain

My screams muffled by the poundng of my heart

My heart like a rat in a cage 

Slamning against my ribcage trying to break free

Trying to fly back to him

My heart alone and scared

So used to his eternal warmth

His smile flooding me with happiness that I cannot stop

I miss him and I'm sorry

I love him and I'm sorry

I hope you can forgive me

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