Unappreciated Hero (Inspired by The Amazing Spider-man 2)

Unappreciated Hero (Inspired by The Amazing Spiderman 2)


This city has no manners.

This hero went all out to save them, but they put out no “thank you’’ banners.

What they do not know is that this hero gets tired too.

They expect him to always save them from a falling building, but he also needs time for healing.

His aches and pains he is concealing.

He has to be invincible because no else can do what he does.

Swinging from building to building; saving civilian to civilian.

No one ever offers to save him when he is in need.

Yes, he’s a hero! But, he too can bleed.

He puts his heart on the line, but this city just shows their dissatisfaction.

But he doesn’t save lives for others satisfaction.

“With great power comes great responsibility.’’

This is what makes him have mobility when a bullet is where ligaments should be.

These strong words are what hold up this hero stability.

Without darkness, we couldn’t appreciate the light.

And where there is crime this hero will always be there to fight.

Yes, he is unappreciated, but without him this city could never make it.

What broken eyes these people see through, and no matter what you call him he will be there to save you.

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