Unapologetically Black

Tue, 06/07/2016 - 23:00 -- Ayanni1

When I smile you feel anger 

Does my happiness harm you 

Does it smack your hate dead in the face

Does my joy make you upset

Did it hurt your poor little feelings

Because if it did…

I guess

I’m sorry


Whats the matter

Is it my beauty that flusters you 

Maybe its the melanin in my skin

The wideness of my grin

The way my kinky curls blow in the wind

Or how about the way my hips sway in my stride 

Bringing about my african ancestors pride

Does my confidence offend you

Does it bring you to a sad, sickening state of no escape

Am I the down fall  of your day


Can you not stomach my being 

Does my existence frighten you

Does it bring about your unmentionable fears 

That I was made brown 

An ethnic queen

Not afraid to wear her golden crown

Who doesn't care if she makes ignorant folks frown

Did I hurt your privilege again 

Because if I did…

I guess

I’m sorry


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I like how this gets bigger and bigger


Absolutely amazing

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