Unapologetically 4:13

They told me ...

"Baby, you can be anything you want to be"

I told my friends that 

I told the ones who didn't value themselves that they can be that 

and that was ... " anything you want to be"

So everyday when you wake up scream 

"LIMIT has NO limit on me" I beleive in me 

God, thankyou for loving me, saving me, protecting me and guiding me.

Theres no love like you, no seriously.

But spiritually ?

Your love goes past infinity 

Parents named me Trinity because they knew I couldnt be just one of me.

Omri, bibilical too 

Pops said since you're the one and only girl I knew you be spoiled too 

Cox ... now STOP ! lets not get is mistaken

C- is for courages 

O- is for optomistic 

the X is what I cross out if were talking competiton 

Now heres my proposition:

Lets work on a thing called manistfestation 

manifestation is to believe in yourself and your vison so when they say " you can be anything"

not only will you think it, you'll see it and you MUST take action to be it.

cause baby you WILL be anything you want to be 

But only YOU can define YOU

For those who said you can't most likely decieved you 

cause yopu path is carries the fix for cures for the ones who cant be so sure

but they still take the risk because in the end they know they'll win 

YOU are marvelous 

when they tell you "no" , tell them baby "you aint stopping this"

Be confident 

Role model it 

kids are wathing this 

Be the change kids can be empowered by

like sneaking to watch youtube knowing damn well its past their bed time

needless to say 

its your time to shine 

You know what you can be 

and if you must forgot cause your drowing in doubt

recite " I can do all things through christ "



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