Unaccomplished dreams held back by reality


Secluded in the shadows of the day
One might wonder what is within me today,
Oh the wonders of this world revolve around me
Like a glimmer of hope to set me free,

Sorrow confines my mental state
To some degree I cannot take,
When will this new shed of light come to be?
And will it come and set me free?

How can I hope for the better
When all I hear is troubles and terror,
Existence for me halts and not grows,
Supported by fragile angels with broken wings and rusted bows

Life has opened itself upon my eyes
Only to see, see nothing more than societies disheartening lies,
Hope for the better, held back by the worst
When will I be liberated to continue my works,

Day by day my sorrow grows on
Only to hope for aid to come along,
Dream to live, or not to live.
Why must others continue to forbid.

My eyes have deceived me well
So have they deceived me wrong? Or will they surprise me right?
No matter what, I will live on to see my journey, and stories do tell well.

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