Ultimate Justice Won't Except The Police


Slam for Ferguson, this one's called.

But I'm so far away;

My info comes from research

Not personal experience

I could never understand

Your pain.


Losing a son

Because of one

Sorry police officer

(Who walks free today?)


I don't know that pain.

I'll never know that pain;

I'm white as a sheet

And live in privelige.


Body cam campaign;

Good idea- except when it's not.

Illegal stranglehold and 

Documented on camera

And that guy is free too.


Police brutality;

There doesn't seem to be hope.

Targeting those with different skin

This ain't no post-racist country.


Being white doesn't excuse you,

Mr. Police,

from murder.

And when we're all at the pearly gates,

I think you'll regret

That decision.


He knows. 

He knows what we've all done.

And He knows what you've done,

How you've lied,



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