Sun, 10/22/2017 - 15:29 -- mrsath

Because I love you, even at your lowest, you will always be at your highest

Your smile will always resemble something of the sun

Ultimate brightness


On a beautiful morning

Sky full of stars and lights, I will pull over to snap a photo and compare you to its radiancy

They are shining, and so are you


Because I love you, I'll smile into your kisses

I'll laugh into your neck

I will close my eyes into the yellow safety you provide


Because I love you, I'll push you to success

I'll show you how to do this and that

I will do anything in my power to raise you to your dreams, even if they are light years away from me


Because I love you, I'll help you reach Venus

I'll watch you from Earth

And I will be smiling


You are everything

You are everything


The ultimate happiness, it's you


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