Wed, 08/08/2018 - 13:36 -- Mowet

Beautiful they say is the girl
with long hair flawless skin
and pretty face.
Hey Its okay to runaway
from the expectations
that society says, to be a certain way..

Beauty is diverse
in its ability to portray perfection through imperfections.
Subjected to be objectified,
sex objects well what's new?
If what's wrong over night
turned right then society better be rectified..

Mentally jailed but physically bailed,
we're only free because we failed,
failed to say no
to the pressure of our peers covering our insecurities and pain
under the foundation on our faces.
Just a little more powder
and we're flawless for today.

Its never that deep but
that's to people that never stop to think..
Some of you feel odd,
because this masked perfection
is something you can't afford..
Keep your shame away
because the so called "not good enough"
are the lucky ones,
Cause they get to be loved
for who they are and not who they're not.

If beauty depends on
what you expect me to be
and not what I know me to be
then you must be unlucky
cause just like them,
i'll rather be ugly.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I wrote the poem concerning a lot of factors relating to gender roles and societal pressures on the female gender mostly, its something I'm passionate about. There's still a lot I want to share and I look forward to expressing myself freely on this platform.. Enjoy

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