You say I’m beautiful,

You kiss my hand.

You make me hopeful,

So take a stand.

You say forever,

You say to try,

Yes you’re clever,

You made me cry.

You tell my you’re sorry,

You tell me it’s wrong.

Our love is no story,

But a sad love song.

I know you still love her,

You’re stringing me along.

Happy is not what we were,

This is not where I belong.

You made me love you,

You made me care,

My feelings were true,

But yours were elsewhere.

I won’t fall in love,

I won’t do it for you.

Not pure like a dove,

Your words were not true.

Call me beautiful,

Then walk away.

I should have been careful,

What else can I say?

You made me heart sing,

You made me smile,

I ask for one thing,

But I was not worth your while.

It’s all my fault,

You deserve better,

I lost by default,

But you were my shelter.

I ran to you when I was scared,

I reached for you when I was sad.

I know you didn’t care,

But you were all I had.

You made me believe we’d always be together.

I was so naïve,

To think we’d last forever.

You won’t see my tears,

You won’t see my cry.

Love is my fear,

And now you know why.

I can’t see your face without a sting in my heart.

Then I think of our place,

And it tears me apart.

You look in my eyes,

You call me beautiful.

I know they’re just lies,

You were never truthful.

You tell me you like me,

You say we’re forever.

I can’t believe I couldn’t see,

We weren’t meant to be together.

Your kisses left me breathless,

But your eyes they said goodbye.

My heart was just a big mess,

And your lip they spoke lies.

You opened my doors,

You kiss my head.

You promised me more,

But you ran instead.

I look in the mirror,

Can you guess what I see?

The faces are clear,

But it’s not you and me.

You I’m beautiful,

Though I commit sin.

You call me graceful,

But I don’t fit my skin.

It’s too much to take,

Release me from your cell.

The heart I must remake,

To break our awful spell.

You said it’s magic,

You and I.

It’s more like tragic,

But I had to try.

Can I change how I feel?

‘Cause you’re not coming back.

Feelings I conceal,

For all that I lacked.

Still have my scars from yesterday,

But you’re already gone.

There’s nothing left to say,

You’ve already moved on.

You’re trapped in my heart,

And I can’t run away.

How did this start?

Now I want you to stay.

It gets under my skin,

To see you again.

You remind me him,

And my pain would begin.

It kills me inside,

Because I knew they’re all lies.

I’m not beautiful,

Please be truthful.

Don’t lie to me,

Say I’m ugly.




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