TyPicaL InSecuriTieS

Dear Height Differences,

There are so many things I like about you.

And things that I absolutely hate.

When my doctor told me I was stuck at the height of 4'11" at the age of seventeen,

the first thing I thought was: "oh, well."

You frustrate me though. 

Because I will never achieve my dream height of 5'6". 

And I am trapped with the feeling of everyone looking down at me,

from their sky-high point of view. 

I have a pain in my neck because of you.

You make me have to crank my neck at a certain angle,

just to have a conversation.

And people do not take me seriously because of you. 

They think it's "cute" when i'm angry. 

It is not cute. I'm actually killing you with my mind.

I am eighteen years old.

I shouldn't have to be dealing with being called "Shorty",

and all the midget jokes thrown my way.

I have colleges to be applying to and scholarships to win.

My best friend is 5'9" and she insists on wearing heels,

that make her at least six feet tall.

Imagine how much that bothers me. 

You bother me.

but in a way,

you make me different.

And that I like alot.

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