I think you think that you know me/but I'm sit'n in the car with the engine running/could this be over before it breaks?/sappier than a Romeo and Juliet/let's look down & to the side/figured me out like a jigsaw puzzle/the pieces soggy with the mess/"I know, I know, I know," I've said/the young mind is arrogant/pattings on the back/good job at giving me slack/do you think it came upon by chance?/or was it thrown out due to the uglieness that danced?/W.A.S.Ps still sting the ears/"it's best if you don't stay here"/BLOOD ON THE FLOOR/OPEN WOUNDS AND CRIES IN THE DARK/"GET OFF ME! GET OFF MY BACK! SHE'S GOT ME IN A CHOKE HOLD AND I CAN'T BRAKE LOSE! MY EYE IS SHUT AND NAILS DUG DEEP IN MY SKIN!/there is silence/there is a steep hill/rolling you down cause you tripped/sticks cut JC in your heels/"It's alright, it's okay, everyone's been this way."/but i'm called to be different/does the leader given the rights guide blindly or with the Light?/cause all I hear right now is the world's lies/it's only awkward because of the situation we're in/kin smile but you teach me a love song or is that pain?/my ears, my ears, can't take you in/through every desert there is hope/let's make it a year of resilience/shuddering out the acceptance/bring me peace, bring me joy         / / 


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