The Two Toads

To my dear grieving Angel:

How often they gathered,

The two toads

Water was the body they lathered

They were one another's odes.


The tinier of the two

In its eyes reflected Hope

Soon sorrow was to issue,

Avaricious time spiraled smaller the scope.


The larger of the two

Led all day the other,

Past lily pads soft and Earth of blue,

With a demeanor proud of being the mother.


Time was spent carelessly.

Its value and quantity depleted,

By the Endeavors of fun undergone ceaselessly.

The sun and energy receded.


The moss allowed their retirement.

Softly, sweetly, soundly.

The mother’s being became sediment

Of the pond, enveloping rapidly.


The younger toad possessed wishes,

Wishes tangible through dreams.

The mother toad was sleeping with the fishes.

Eyes shut, asleep and unknowing, the younger beams.


The sun returns.

The mother toad is discovered.

The younger toad’s anger burns.

Over the pond it hovered.


The silence’s loneliness,

Emboldened by the Lament,

Exhausted through the bitter of Sea Cress,

The younger toad rambled with sentiment.


Time satisfied its hunger.

It pestered with delusion no longer.

It made no difference - still somber.

Leaving her leave couldn't feel wronger.


Then, Hope’s flames

They tickled one iris,

Of the younger toad,

Then the other - “Who's this?”


A fellow amphibian!

Three croaks, fly martinis,

Lilypad paths, and loyal hops:

The relief permeated past.


Even as it was momentary

The hurt dulled.

Croaks happened more, gradually.

Still, some part was always nulled.


Time’s hunger returned

Adventures, life, and flies earned,

The younger’s companion,

Remained always - loved in unison.


Time satisfied its hunger once more

As the fish beckoned again.

And the toads listened.

Into the pond, Mother toad glistened.

As she and the younger embraced.

Leaving Melancholy dreams behind.



My dear grieving Angel,

May this offer comfort,

For the loss of your mother.



Your close friend - Joleen


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My family
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