Two sides to a Coin

It's only her and I, alone in our abyss,

a mind at odds of whom to miss.

The girl must decide for one to stay,

to chose her final destiny.

The 'good' one yells for me to go, but what she doesn't know?

We are in clear perspective, not that different, not at all.

If we stood side by side before a mirror it would show,

a reflection of two girls the same in every way, EXCEPT...

Except, except, except, except, except.

I do things, dispicable things, she could never dream up,

I don't do things, I suffer and endure through pains she gets to forget of.

"Redeem!" She screams, "Repent!" she chants, but redemption is

ever                 so                      far...


I am her and she is me, entwined together for eternity,

one whom taunts and the other plees.

One for strength and the other, humanity.

Two in one, one who is two, a girl who must finally chose.


"I've done things that that even men can't do!" -Sakina Aly Hammam, Alexandria, Egypt


"Two Sides to a Coin" tells of the 'good' and 'evil' in each mind, both are useful. Evil protects on from theharshness of the world and ensures survival. Good breathes emotion into a person and is overall very rewarding. The girl is an adolescent growing up and having to select which she wants to represent her for the rest of her life, all this is in her subconcient mind.

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