Two-Sided Heart

Two full of chaos

one living a lie

the other unsure of intentions.

One Cancerian

the other Scorpio.

Scared of emotion

hidden in a shell.

Two sides to her heart

but full of love.


They live in secret

from their parents

unknown of their own love

a box kept under the bed

will they ever know?

Both I love

both I dream of

both I wish to have.

Aching from my chest

a need to hold them near

kiss away the tears

whisper away their worries.



I need it

but it rips the stitches from my tattered soul.

I can’t leave the past

but I want to

yet I want it back again.

I want the love I had

I need the affection once more

and I’ve been waiting long enough.

I thought I found it

yet it feels like I haven’t

like that need is to be filled

by the one who left me on the streets.

But the one who took me in

I love her too

and she loves me

but I love them both.


How can a heart belong to two?


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