Two Pieces Of Heart

I really thought she and I would be together for a long time.
The amour we had was similar to a conjugal relationship.
I never felt that something would go terribly wrong.
A love that had great potentials ended in sorrow and tears.
She stirred up my emotion and then rent my heart.

The love of my life has left me with two pieces of heart.
It took me ten long years to put my heart together again,
Although I have not fully recovered from the blow.
It was hard enough to cope with the loss of her love.
On top of that the pain returned when she entered the mall.

I should have continued on my way as if I did not to see her.
But I went to her and said, “Hi baby, it’s good to see you.”
She grinned and asked me, “How have you been doing.”
The look of loneliness on her face made my heart race.
Although I tried to keep this love, she did not stick with me.

I have endured the emotional suffering like a torture.
The pain that lasted so long has involuntarily started again.
Now I feel worse than I felt before I spoke to her.
My heart broke in two pieces once more to see her leave.
And I am certain that my sadness will not end this time.


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