Two Oh Six Teen


Puerto Rico
United States
40° 47' 0.3588" N, 111° 44' 15.4248" W

January sprung spring into my viewso I stopped running, dried my face and sighed, phewits wasn’t two-oh fifteen anymore, the number was newyeah 2016 was a big number to chew so I threw back to when I was twenty in two (10)that's when I first figured out what I wanted to doI liked mixing violet out of red and blueI liked drawing animals like cows… moo around Feb I told the world I'd live off the paintand it shouted back at me "girl, no you ain't"through March I swam in low self-esteembecause I wasn't myself when I hit April thirteen I begged for my wished to be redeemedthis is what I felt let the real I be seenart was my thing, its where I could only gleambut for the world, it was all about balancing a beam one that tipped towards starvationand zero monetary gratificationas if frustration would be my next destinationand the only station where I would feel at home was next in line for relocationbut my happiness wasn't factored into this calculation and I gave into fear and its persuasionMay slid by and art was out of the equation June marched in and I felt the angstwhy wasn't I allowed to have this decision in my handsif it was mine who would suffer the calluses of the dancethat I knew I would pick if I were given a chance but getting wasn't enough so I fought for mineJuly waltzed in and I began to block out whinesI memorized each and every important deadlineand I kept my plan from spreading out through the grapevine august crashed and I was ignoring every dictationhow could anyone think my passion was a pointless fixationa flirtation I’d involved myself in without considerationfor my future and how I'd deal with this world's increasing taxation  So when September finally rolled in I was more than dead set for the winas I finished applying with an enormous grinthinking "I can't wait to paint the world into a spin"

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