Two Living Souls

Wed, 04/19/2017 - 19:46 -- jess30

Two living souls in distinct places. It never stops to amaze me ,how love is present faith is strengthened. Love is interpreted as a feeling that either makes you or breaks you. Not once do we say it is a unity which the one above bestows, and the one receiving this wonderful gift tosses it over once or twice in a row. We are made to believe loving comes from sight, we forget faith is what really transforms a soul. It gives it hope to love, to breathe, to see a change in one another. The same soul who tests your own resilience endures the pain. Awaits while drowning once again. A soul can never really be at rest if it don't have refuge. That way it won't be hindered yet, it floats around keen for its mate to tenderize. How many years will I be at peace? How many flames will I cease? How many waves will there be? Your demise has never hastened .. Pardon me forestalling, but I told you a soul like mine was hard to despise.

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