Two Doors Closed

Sat, 06/19/2021 - 21:09 -- Morgann

I'll take again some time

Loving, rhyming, crime

In love, I'm a little overdosed

Committing murder seeing two doors closed


Heart, all I thought was insane

Hurt, now I know how it becomes pain

Two doors closed, two doors closed

Bursting, I'm already exposed


Hear this shape pounding on all your scene, behind

To a million pieces it shatters and splinters my mind

One chest, emotions outnumber

When hope's gone, find me in my slumber


You're just someone whom I'll never understand

Yet on you is where the arrow chooses to land

If you say a word or two

This soul will never be blue


My poor heart is happy to see you smiling

It's not for me so what should I be feeling?

This is how it ends as I watch you close the door

Break my heart until it is no more


I'm outside a room, a wall between us

An unwritten novel, a love to discuss

Here is a lover of yours who could cry the most

I have a feeling you'd still shut two doors close



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