Do you wanna play twister with me? Want to roll up your soul with my spine, take off the meat suit, be able to fly. Let's escape in this starfall night, knock at my window, break my strings of logic, I love your psychosis. You kidnapped my worldly hopes, I am your perdition, your blessing from the sweet goat. We won't ever care to seem wrong.

Could you make me feel alive everyday? Promise me you won't ever wear a suit, I'll wear the tie and you will look tight in a dress. Our elegance is the corruption of the etiquette.

Make me bleed in this game, explode my ovaries of an insanely pleasure and fame. Hang me up in the roof fan, let's dig our graves in the dirt, thrill me up with no blame, let's always dare the death.

You are dangerously gorgeous with tears of confusion with a distorted smile of euphoria and with a lost look, with nothing else to lose.
I am sad as I am bad and as my ink is dripping, my bra is ripping as my heart beat increases, my fried brain is concerned over the impossible exhilaration of the near and so inevitable end.

As now we run towards the flames of fair fate, we tell ourselves stories of how good must always fail, of how the comprehension of the innocence of our devilry is put aside so you would sleep with serenity. As the love withers and blooms we'll survive from the enchanted light of the fake moon. As we steal from the rotten rich, exterminate those in between, I promise you we will never be caged, that we will make a legend on these streets with our bullet holes and our crowns of the damned King and the Queen.

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