Twisted Success


Love is a twisted game 

An unsolved case

It's a shame

Flowers in a vase 

Wasn't enough 

That's why I huff and puff

I think I'm fallin

Too bad she never answers 

That's why I'm callin

Peace doesn't equal love 

That's why I don't believe in doves 

4+4 is 8

Could of had a date 

When I look back at the situation, I wish there was a sign that said CAUTION

Don't play with love

In the end you find yourself heartbroken

Beaten and mistaken 

For the one you thought was the one

But guess what?

This is life 

It isn't a movie 

Sitting there and crying about it just brings me down

Every time I think of her it all equals a big frown

Instead I should lift my head up and not let her bring me down

Cause I'm on my way to the top



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