Twisted Minds

It was one of those days

that I lost control

the darkness seeped out

drip by drip


I poked at you, 

watching you suffer

The cheering of onlookers

urged me on


At the back of my head

a sane girl whispered

Stop, it isn't right

But I was too far gone


Your whimpering pleas

and fearful eyes

satisfied the beast within

you had pushed me too far that day


You should know that a wounded animal

always fights back

savage and merciless

Oh how the tables have turned




Bullying is a cycle. Breaking someone is never okay, but to some right and wrong aren't clear. Bullies has their reasons, after all monsters aren't born, they are made. Sometimes pain and anger lashes out, resulting in those hateful comments and actions that are made. It's just important to know sometimes that bullies are victims too. Victims to their own minds and hatred. 



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