Twist & Shout

Twist and shout, I am the boy who made it out

Defined the definition of triumph over doubt

From the concrete who knew that a flower would sprout

Word to Tupac, yeah that’s a shout-out

But I lucked in before I lucked out, or got locked in

Growing up in a neighborhood full of sins

I choose instead to open books and write my words with my pen-so

The world would know

The permanent stain that still troubles

Those neighborhoods similar to mine

With this stage and with this time

I want to share the vision that I have in mind

A school that aims to change the family line

Of those who have been confined

By oppression

Resilience built in the curriculum

Victories over adversities in every lesson

Let me get an amen

Because to accomplish this would be a blessing

Nothing short of a miracle to overcome this bout

One day we would all have a reason

To twist and shout 


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