A Twist On The Little Mermaid

There once was a little mermaid

With bright crimson hair and tail, green as ocean 

Little do you know, her story was facade

I know, Disney gives you false notion 


See, her story really goes like this

She stole much jewelry, and priceless knick knacks

She was a juvenile, little girl gone amiss

And she needed a way to cover her watery tracks


So with that, as she devised a convincing pitch

As she was on the run, well on the swim

She ran, or swam, to the old purple witch

The witch, in good mood went out on limb 


She made the risky deal, despite warnings from flounder

Her tail then morphed into long legs with feet

She blacked out, and so when Eric found her

He picked her up and murmured 'sweet'


So when the mer-girl awoke,

She felt concrete, so hard compared to kelp

And when she finally calmed down, she spoke

She hollered 'where am I? Help!'


Steel cold bars locked her in

She sobbed for days, of confusion 

But right when her hopes were lost, Sebastian

Crawled through the cells cracks, and broke her seclusion 


He exclaimed, with official paper in claw

That she was also 'most wanted' on land

And even with her devastating beauty and all

Eric traded her in for money, after he found her on sand! 


Her panic and anger prompted her quick

She said 'okay Sebastian, break us out!'

So with a crunch and a clip and a nifty snip

They sneakily slipped out and about!


So once open a time (let's be truthful)

There was crimson headed girl, her crimson crab, her best friend

They explored, escaped the world, adventures fruitful

They lived happily ever after, The End!











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