Twin flame

If i was a reflection  of me ,its you . What i see in me is the best of you. Staring  back at me like we all that we got in the world baby  is me & You .

My pockets so empty
But  Baby when i look in your eyes
I know we got the riches  more then plenty,
Living more then to survive .
Means pockets never empty .

Tryn to Clear my mind up i cant focus on our discussion
 You got my heart tongue  twisted .
 If i could spit out the words to trust  id say it to you

 i look up ..Whos blessed  me or you? 

What i envisioned  for my life cant compare from whats in front of my sight ,
 i was just a little bit broken before i stumbled across you ,
shooked up out of disspare intoxicating  look

 what a time to share
,see nothing else mattered to me, no wordly cares

what a beautiful  crime whoever left you behind. Didnt see
What they had . I believe every one gets thiers. Reaping what your sowing  in the end you take yourself  to heaven or hells nightmares 

Hours went by ,Smiling. we both knew it , tryn to play catch up with the past like we was there. Went threw it ..
Wishing i could take back some time but I'm a little old school i like the elememt of suprise

I got questions .you got the answers
Where were you all those years.  I needed someone like you . I was working on my self waiting patiently for you to appear.
  Never mind that though here.
Time don't wait on nothing let me take the moment to remind you. What love looks like ...

 I was tore up,  i just laughed didn't believe it but thats changed when i stopped doughting in Love and I Looked up

(Still working in this one)..

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

when you looked up, what do you see?

let thoughts kick in to complete this amazing dope poem

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