Twenty One Pilots

1. From fluffy brown hair to tattoos that make sense only to you.

2. Starting off from 10 people  and reaching up to 10,000 people can be nerve wrecking but you somehow did it.

3. Losing 1 person from the band and wondering how you were going to entertain everyone with just 2 people somehow worked out

4. Wearing the rubber band on you wrist for coping with things then going to a tattoo shows how much you've improved

5. "Stay alive" are two words that helped me get to my graduation day.

6. "The Clique" is an amazing fan base built on hope

7. The Clique is hoping for a re-release of Regional at best

8. Joshler is cool or you would like it to be Tysh

9. Jenna is very pretty

10. Josh when are you going to get a girlfriend?

11. Every song you write, comes from the heart.

12. Josh you are really good at the drruumms

13. Anyone can ask me my favorite song and I would say all

14. Live performances look cool. can’t wait to see you July 6th

15. Interviews are funny

16. We hate bananas

17. Everyone thinks you guys are overrated but i’ve listened to you guys since Regional At Best came out

18. I miss when you would hang out with some of us

19. You genuinely care about your fans and that makes me happy

20. You have an emotional connection with your fans and you make everyone feel understood


Twenty One. We are twenty one pilots and so are you. You always told us to write it out. Thank you for giving me a sense of hope.


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