Tweet 2 Teachers#yoursostoopid (a satirical poem for the scholarship contest about what needs to change with education)


Kk teachers these days just, like, 
seriously need to chill out!
i don't get what the heck all the fuss is about
They should
go smoke a joint or something
wtf is wrong with those creatures?!
I'm not learning anything, so how are they teachers?
Like, why are they always all up in our grills, for all four years
cant they see the earbuds in our ears? 
Why try to make us write an essay?
140 characters is the limit on Twitter, so I don’t see how
we'd ever be needing to draft anything longer now
And what's up with their obession with homework?
I don't even work at school; I'm not a dork!
Like, what did anyone ever learn from those take-home assignments
except for how to copy and paste?
Like, Honestly,
homework is such a waste
But it’s like teachers...they just don’t understand:
We will never relent to their silly demand
Education isn't something we will learn to love
Investing in our future ,for us, is like a venereal disease
Um...No thanks, please
Its not you 
Or the system
Or anything other
Its us
and our texts
our disrespect to my mother
Lost sight of our goals
Gave up on our dreams
The only thing we care about is "selfies" it seems
So when they ask us what where the problem lies
(why won't we just learn?)
I'm filled with frustration
It has nothing to do with school:It's just my generation.


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