Twas the night before my light was extinguished

Dear Amy, It’s Dave, your Big Brother, Happy Birthday! How old would you be turning today? 8, that’s right! Your growing up so fast! Well, I finished my first semester of High School! And guess what? I ended with straight A’s just like I told you I would. I bet you would have been real proud of me. I miss you, but that’ll never change, I’ll always carry you with me in my heart. Mom is still attending the therapist, Dad is, well, still gone, but hey, we’re better off without him anyway. John is turning 19 in one month, and guess what, he got accepted to UC Berkeley just like he wanted! many things have changed since your death, but it’s all been for the better. But you still remain the center of our whole family. Oh and one last thing remember how Amanda got married to Albert, that dentist assistant, well guess what, they’re having a Baby! I know right, CRAZY! Amanda’s only what 23 now? Dang, how fast time goes. Well, the real reason that I came to visit you is because well, I happened to be thinking about you and you know how I’ve had a knack for word, I just happened to get a train of thought and pieced together a poem, in your memory, about how the times were back then, and well, you’ll just have to hear it. So, well, here goes.


Twas the night before my light was extinguished

Hopefully this suit makes me look distinguished

I remember crying in our backyard

I knew I had to move on, but it was really hard.

Remember, mom was always yelling

You could hear her all through the dwelling

Dad was never there he was supposedly “working”

Even when he was, he was mainly just lurking

John, only 17 and yet already an addict.

He never wanted to be with us, his room was in the attic

     Amanda was was only 20 and so deeply depressed

So much pain in her heart, she couldn’t see that she was blessed

But as in everything , there is always a silver lining.

Yeah, she’s my sunshine, because she’s always shining.

I’m talking about you, only 6 years old

Such a cutie-pie, always did what you were told

Before you came I thought of taking my life.

But now that you’re here I went and buried the knife.

Mom mistreated you, my baby sister

Yet all I could do was watch, as my heart grew another blister

Your teacher called saying you were having pains in your chest.

But that you had finally settled down to rest

Mom and I rushed over and took you to emergencies`

That’s when we learned how you had a deadly disease.

You were suffering coronary artery disease which was mainly for old people

And when I learned you only had a day left, I felt like falling off a steeple.

You didn’t even get to go home with us you had to stay in the hospital

I never knew why, but I still feel responsible

It’s been 2 years since your death, I remember …. how much you wanted a bunny

I went and got it for you with the last of my money.

On my way back, I felt light headed and knew something was wrong.

So I ran as fast as I could back to your side.

only in time to see your angelic face one more time.

as the nurse said those cruel two words.

“she’s gone”.


I’ll love you always, sincerely

Your Big Brother Dave




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