T.V. Priviledges

A puddle of mush

A working man shucks his coat

The couch he must rush.


Bored from his job

Saved by the T.V. remote

The day melts away.


Football, Baseball, Sports!

It's his comfort without bae.

A boy's dream come true.


Chips and bubbly drinks

For a lazy man today

Will not rise till May.


The champions play

"Damn Ref, call the foul play now!"

The yellow flag rests.


The screen cannot hear,

But that will not stop his cheer.

"HOO-Ra!  Don't stop now!"


Whining does not help!

The team is winning without!

Our neighbours will shout!


Keep it down for now,

Only scream when we're losing.

Let's be glad for now.


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