Once in my life

I would like to control someone else's

to be able to mold and shape the fabric of their very existence

to determine just how their journey will come into bloom and how many lives they'll change along the way

I'll dictate their every move, their every word

I'll make the audience laugh at their antics and cry with them when they are heart-broken and pick them up when I make them stumble

I'll do this for the fans that yearn for the simplest of character development

the fans that crave complex and new scenarios and relationships 

the fans that demand plot and substance with even the most simplistic shows

because TV has lost its depth and complexity

It places stereotypes and cardboard cutouts of ideas that could have been great in front of us 

and expects us to just accept it as truth 

But I refuse

I refuse to listen to the same joke told twenty different ways 

with same derogatory punch line 

I refuse to accept that women 

cannot hold a show on their own

I refuse to accept that everything has already been done before

because I can look to the world around me and clearly see that it hasn't 

And I absolutely refuse to exclude characters just because they might scare off a demographic

because at the end of the day 

TV should be a reflection of us 

every difference and every flaw should be highlighted and explored

not buried behind all the censor- approved cookie cutter picture

TV may just be a form of entertainment

But it can no longer be a form of discrimination


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