Tus Ojos (Your Eyes)


Lies, passion...so discreet, live in the eyes of the loves who meet. Blinking and sweating with zeal, your soul saddens when my heart you cannot steal. The taste of tenderness has yet to fail, you wish it was I who wore the wedding veil. The inflimation of love and lust, your eyes wander over my hips as they must. Your stare connects us, excluding any touch, this agony I bathe in for wanting you so much. Your irises divine, intricate like a maze, I am forever lost and trapped in your gaze. So relax your body and breathe with ease, for gazing in your eyes is too much of a tease. -Audrey J. Pontin. Poem inspired by the novel Like Water for Chocolate: Laura Esquivel



This poem symbolizes the struggling of the main character from Like Water for Chocolate, Tita De La Garza, had gone through as she tried to hide her true feelings for her lover. Although this peom does not repesent my feelings, through these words I feel I can relate to this character and understand her better. This peom shows the flow and words I favor to show Tita's thoughts and feelings.

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