Turned your back

I fall down

I stand back up

You push me down and smile

I stand back up

You say the things that I can’t put into words

I brush them off

You turn your back when I needed you

I shrug my shoulders

You help her

I shake my head

You hold out your hand, but take it back

I laugh at you

I look to the ones that helped me

I see them waiting for me

I smile at you and nod, you help me

I am happy with her and the other girl

I am done being tore down, you don’t matter and neither does she

You made your bed

Now you get to lay in it

There is no way that my bed will be taken from me

I fought against you in my head the words running

I had to push them out and come up with lies

Now I see the lies are the truth this is the way it supposed to be


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