Turned to Sin

A twin, a twin

with different last names,

were as one but not the same.

Our eyes alight in the same brilliant color,

Our past dies around a dark corner.


Fever tells, fever lies

You are dying as am I

Our sweet last breath hits

The sky and send a message

To the lord on high.


Dear lord, our life a short one lived,

Floats among the ones that's dead,

Bright and brilliant our dark eyes shine,

Telling thou whose hearts divine.


To ask of light when in need

And pray to heaven our life to keep

Dark and alone our soul weary,

Wanting light and to be cheery.


Seeing the dead and how happy they may be,

Our souls are frightened and pray to thee,

Dear lord, Dear lord,

On heavens holy cloud, answer us,

Please come down...


No answer came, but a soft whine...

Twin, twin you are home,

Don't come to me, for ye are bound,

Bound to this dark little place of peace

And happiness and anything you wish.


I am lord, but call me Satan,

Your dream, your wish, can come true...

But ye must obey and do thy command.


But do me not, and you won't forget

Worse than dark, worse than fear

I'll keep your soul and burn it here.

But sign the line and happiness you'll be,

With or without the sight of me


A twin, a twin lost

In a dark spin, no light to guide

Signed the dotted line...


Forever bound to the darkest place,

No happiness they found

Not even peace.







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