Turn it Around

As she looks into the mirror she doesn't like what she sees

She sees an insecure little girl with a heart that bleeds 

Well I don't know how long it'll take this little girl to mature

Cause no one knows what that child had to endure

They don't know that she was molested until the age of 10

Or that she never had anyone to love her or be her true best friend

That don't know that this girl has no father in her life

Or that the only way she releases her pain is by slitting her wrist with a knife

They didn't even notcie the blue and black bruises on her arm 

Or the fact that she never really mentioned her mom

But since they don't know her story they judge and criticize 

They don't see how it hurts her all the humiliation and the lies

They scorn her with hurtful whore and slut

Not realizing that they're only deepening the cuts

They don't see that she has no respect for herself 

Or that she'll lay with anyone so she won't be by herself

And oops, she slipped up and now she's pregnant 

16 & Pregnant is not what she intended

But what can she do now, she has no type of family

She wants to fly away, but Dang there's that gravity

Just leave and not worry about one single thing 

Suicide is the next thought on her brain 

Escape from all the hurt, tribulations, and the trails

She's only 16 how can she take care of a child

She's a baby herself, "Don't you smell the residue of formula still on her breath!"

So to get away she pops a couple pills

Infatuated with the relief and the numbness she feels

Black out, Code Red, the game is through

Now she's barely hanging on in ICU

Then a voice cries out and gently it speaks

Your time's not up, that's up to me

9 months later, she's back again

But this times she's there to give birth to her new bestfriend

She's pushing and yelling to bring it into the world

How beautiful a precious baby girl

As she holds her in her arms she begins to weep

I'm going to turn my life around and that's for you and me she speaks


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