Tuna St


Peddling fast down that black slate,

circling that busy cul-de-sac.

I peddle faster.

That snowy dog stares at me

through the silver gate next door-

one blue one green.

I peddle faster.

John launches over his roof

into the cloudless sky,

his trampoline as his spaceship.

I peddle faster.

Taylor and Bryan pet manatees

belly-down on their dock, small hands dangling,

stretching to feel the rough gray blob.

I peddle faster.

Sydney and Amanda race down the sidewalk,

rollerblading on hand-me-down skates,

lifting one blade off the ground triumphantly smiling.

I fall.

Running home all scraped up

crying for the healing coos of my mom,

dreading the sting of hydrogen peroxide.

-Nicole Bevilacqua


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