My mother makes to much money. Really were bearly getting by. Tuition increased again well how much did it rise. Guess i gotta get a second job. Maybe ill go to school at night. Whats that still not enough. Guess i gotta put in over time. But i dont have time to study. So what im working all these long hours for. I just want to be able to provide for myself not depend on the goverments help. I want to move out of the bronx and get a nice home and say "look mah i did it for us i did it on my own". My dome cant concetrate when its filled with all this tuition and loans im not even getting pell what the fuck. What the hell. I sit there and in class and i cant concentrate because all i can think about is how this tuition is taking food off my plate watering down my spirt and mind. I thought about giving up just once that one time. But its okay. Imma go to bed hungry and feed my mind instead because knowldge is what will get me ahead because knowldge is what will get me the bread. But all i can see is this green paper money debt linging up in front of me blocking my dreams cause thats whats on the other side. But if i pay all this debt i get there in due time. But i feel im playing marco polo with my dreams cause this idea of college it blocks everything i wanted to see. All i really want to do is get my degree and get my masters and hang it above my bed so i can remind myself who tried to stop me from getting ahead all these enemies i couldnt see the goverment my biggest foe. Imma smile and be happy because i did it i did it on my own.


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