Tuesday Blues

I am an exhalation

A never ending sigh

An exhortation of extreme exaltation
A breath that pulls you in
No longer are you restrained
By containing thoughts of not being near me
I understand fully, the power of my words 
I know that my voice sometimes
Crashes onto your ears 
Similar to how a maddening storm 
Tosses the surf relentlessly to the shore
Breaking your peacelike conscious
Making you grate your teeth 
Never has there been a worse sound, I assume
But just as the sea
I calm
And the sweet rush of my waves sweep over you
And now you see clear
I remember your eyes being the strangest shade of blue
Never was there an exact word to describe them
So I just deemed them Tuesday blue
A blue that is not crystal clear
But not foggy like how you feel
Crawling out of bed on a Monday morning
And not summery blue either, like how the sky always seems to be
on weekends
The blue of your eyes
That Tuesday blue
Is the blue you see when you leave for the beach
On an impulse 
Just to free your mind and breathe
The blue you see as you gaze unto the magical horizon
Just where the sky and ocean meet
That is the color of your irises
That is the color of my personal love
What I dream about at night as my chest falls rhythmically
Like the soft down tempo 
That's usually the background music to our very
Melodramatic lives
So stare at me with those Tuesday blues
And listen to me me exhale
I promise to never hurt you
I promise I'll never fail

  (if promises can be kept)
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