In The Tub


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34° 57' 24.4908" N, 106° 36' 19.9908" W
United States
34° 57' 24.4908" N, 106° 36' 19.9908" W

In the tub, she sat back in the water no bubbles and no towel...

with a blade on the edge in a calm manner/style

water still...her hair flowing in the water..

with her arm hanging over the edge, showing no mercy on herself but hatred instead. 

no bubbles, i mean she knew should wouldn't need it...

no towel and no soap, legs smooth as if the reason for the blade was succeeded but it wasn't.

She had plans for that blade and it wasn't for decoration and it wasn't to shave...

In the tub, reaching for that blade...tears running....beautiful girl...amazing, I mean STUNNING.

She had long hair down her back, hazel brown eyes, beautiful brown skin and very thick thighs.

had a GPA of 4.0, knowledge out of this world, she was in the art club, poetry club, won the knowledge bowl, she was a beautiful girl.

She took one deep breath and maybe her final...

she had no problem with completing it like she completed her finals..

she was 16, could've been moved to the 12th grade if she would've accepted...

but instead gave up her virginity, when she should've kept it.

Still she took one deep breath, no one had to assist...

she was perfectly capable of cutting that and cutting this. 

blades running across her body, running across her stomach...

through her legs and through her arms, she didn't stop to vomit..

even though she had to.

cuts not deep enough to be alone, but deep enough to see the flesh alone...

in the tub, as she bled and she bled...water turned red...blood replacing where the bubbles should've been instead..

she grabbed her cross, giving her cross a kiss, saying "God forgive, Please have mercy on me". 

In the tub, she took her life, only because she was neglected?

Oh, I forgot to mention she was 6 months pregnant. 


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