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One thing I can’t live without
Of course would have to be ME,
I can name many items, philosophies and people
But at the end of the day, it can’t be.

I am all I will ever need
Resourceful, clever and fearless,
No task can be so great that I cannot
Use my brain to accomplish.

Of course I would need tools
For this, God gave me these little hands,
And I would learn to survive on wit
To determine, then activate my plans.

Weapons and traps I could create
In order that I may eat,
Tools I would invent to help
Clothe my body and feet.

Lodging and a place for cover
I’d have to make myself a “home”,
I would figure out how to keep it secure
To keep my both safe and warm.

My faith would bring me comfort
When I feel weak or long for home,
For my God is within myself
And I will never be alone.

My memories will keep my loved ones
Within grasp, within my dreams,
The love I’ll feel from afar
Will make things better than they seem.

So what do I need to be deserted
I say I only need me,
I think I’ve watched enough National Geographic
To figure out what all I’d need!

This poem is about: 



All I Need.

All I need survive in this world.

To date has been in my mom's purse.

No matter the crisis.

Tornado, Hunger, Ice Storm, Illness.

I survived because of my mom's purse.

It's big, it's heavy and the look changes from season to season.

But the content can cure the sick.

Calm the agitated.

Quiet the noisy.

Light a fire.

Feed the hungry.

Prevent sunburn.

Kill germs.

Prevent bad breath.

From it the solution to most problems can be found.

I've got to ask her where she found such a magical bag!




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