The Truth I Hide

The truth I hide,
inside my heart
My heart says:
"It's a lie".
The truth that has lost,
in me,
in my heart,
& in my mind.
The faded gaze,
which I carry,
Is not enough to find,
The truth I hide.
The truth I hide,
is blunt.
Hidden under the mud,
lost under the gravel.
The truth that hidden in me,
it was a lie.
For my heart.
But, listen my dear heart:
"Your lies can't engross me anymore"
Because the brutal smile,
which I carry,
is now enough to find,
The Truth I Hide.

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Aisha Jamshed


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a very honest and open, well written poem

the truth shall set you free

the truth of what you seek will give you validation

keep seeking the honest truth, keep externalizing your thoughts to writing

Aisha Jamshed

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i will

keep supporting my videos and poems, check them out and comment

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